Seven10 Creations Launches Joint Packs

Seven10 Creations Launches Joint Packs

Join Seven10 Creations for its exclusive product relaunch at Sacramento’s premier dispensary, A Therapeutic Alternative (ATA) and be one of the first to buy their premium joint packs. A brand of choice amongst budtenders at ATA, Seven10 Creations is a cannabis company that seeks to shatter stereotypes so that people can consume cannabis confidently. The same can also be said for A Therapeutic Alternative.

Unlike other sales driven dispensaries who make clients wait in long lines and/or rush them - A Therapeutic Alternative offers a more professional approach with trained consultants who sit with patients to take their medical history. Seven10 Creations believes all cannabis is medicine! Its relaunch proves they have weathered the compliancy storm in the cannabis industry with professionalism and perseverance.

Due to licensing and construction delays, Seven10 Creations was forced to take their products off the shelves for a full year. But they used this time wisely to improve an already great product. Everything about the Seven10 Creations joint packs are well appointed, making them an original at their price point. Not only does each pack contain twelve already rolled joints for over 20% less cost per gram than the top selling pre-rolls on the market today, but each pack also contains a Boveda humidor to preserve freshness and flavor, an extra step most other pre-roll companies don’t take. Seven10 Creations joints are also half the size so they’re perfect for solo or quick shared sessions, without having to waste precious flower or re-light it again and ruin the flavor. The sleek design of the joint packs are not only convenient to tote around town, but also inconspicuous and child resistant.

“Seven10’s Indica prerolls were the perfect nightcap to help me relax after a long day. Just the right size, the preroll was fresh and tasty.”

-Mindy Galloway, Manager, A Therapeutic Alternative

The Seven10 Creations joint packs are the perfect solution for the on-the-go cannabis consumer seeking a convenient alternative to painstakingly grinding their flower and rolling a joint. Just like A Therapeutic Alternative provides a better way to purchase cannabis, Seven10 Creations provides a better way to consume it. Don’t miss the September 2018 debut of their joint pack, sold at ATA located at 3015 H Street in Midtown Sacramento.